Far Far Away quilt top

For some reason I was kind of obsessed with getting these blocks done this weekend. Possibly because I’m trying to keep my sewing area a bit neater lately. I figured that rather than picking up and putting away all these fabrics and then pulling them out again the next time I wanted to make a block, I’d just make all the blocks all at once (and then just clean up once!) It worked, though it was a lot of blocks to make in a short amount of time! I don’t think I’ll try it that way again…


These aren’t my typical colors and it’s a real change from the last couple bright quilts I’ve made, but I really like the end result. someone used the word ‘soothing’ in a comment on the previous post, and i think that’s a good description. I do find these colors calming and soothing, and while they’re more muted than what I’m typically drawn to, it’s a nice change.


What’s even nicer is that when I first started this quilt, I wasn’t loving it, but now that I have the top (nearly) completed, I really like the final result! That’s always fun, right? These are a couple of my favorite blocks –


I still have to add the white sashing to the sides, but then this top is done! I think I’ll try to use the remaining Far Far Away fabrics for a pieced back.

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