far far away… a tiny little giveaway!

I have a few little scraps left over from my Far Far Away quilt, and I thought I’d do a quick little giveaway. These pieces are small — some skinny strips, a couple selvedges (though I’m thinking about stealing one to use on the quilt back!) and some other assorted small leftover pieces (see that square with the wildflowers in the picture below? That measures 2″ x 2.5″, just to give you an idea of size.) I thought they might be useful to someone though. Or at the very least, if you haven’t purchased any of this fabric yet, you could see and feel it in person!


Leave me a comment here – you can just say hi if you want, or you could let me know if you have purchased (or are planning on purchasing) some of this fabric (and if so, what you plan on making out of it!). I have a bit more on order and may be looking for ideas!

We’ll make this a quick giveaway and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow morning.

(now off to finally finish my taxes…procrastinator? indeed!)

Comments have been closed – I’ll select a winner shortly!

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