I should stick to quilting

Sometimes I think that I should sew something other than just quilts. After this little sewing project though, I think I should stick with quilting!

I decided to make this makeup/toiletries bag because I had some vinyl coated marimekko fabric just perfect for the interior. I didn’t have a pattern, nor did I bother to look for one, figuring it would be quick and easy to whip up a little zippered bag. It all seemed ok until I decided to use french seams. Add that to the already thick canvas fabric, and I was left trying to sew through fabric that barely fit under the sewing machine foot.

I should have stopped then and just called it a loss.

Instead I felt I had to finish it.

I’m going to force myself to use it, though I’m definitely not in love.

You’ll see that the zipper can’t even close all the way, and for some reason, the shape of the whole thing seems to have gotten a bit distorted. Don’t ask. It was a good idea in theory, just lacked a bit in the execution.

I’m going back to quilting.

And with that being said, here’s a little peek at yet another quilt that I’ve started. What’s that, three quilts now that I’ve started and then abandoned? Although I shouldn’t say abandoned, as I fully intend to finish them all. I seem to reach a certain point and then I find myself already thinking about the next quilt design.

I think we’re due for snow here this weekend, so perhaps that will give me the time to get these quilts finished!

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