I think it’s turning into a quilt…

I became a bit obsessed with my ‘creative therapy’ project (thanks Amy, I like that!). It was supposed to just be a little distraction, but since I had all the fabrics pulled out, I thought I should continue with it.

After I posted yestserday, I spent a little time on Flickr looking to see if anyone else had made a quilt using these fabrics. I came across some very similar log cabin blocks, and not wanting to look like a copycat, I decided against using the log cabin blocks for the front of the quilt. (Note to self – check Flickr before starting a quilt project!)

Instead, I decided to go with one large log cabin-ish block as the entire top of the quilt. I started with the center block, using a piece of one of my favorite (now out of print) fabrics, bird on a ball in ivory.

Then I worked out from there, adding pieces along the sides, to give it a bit of a modified log cabin look. I realize that the mix of colors and patterns may be a bit too busy for some, but right now I’m really liking it. I have a few of the new prints on order, so I’m going to set this aside for now until I have those to add in.

This design seems to work quite well with these prints, since they are larger-scale. Creating one large block allows me to use larger pieces of the fabric so you can really see the pattern of each. I’m thinking that my small log cabin blocks from yesterday will show up on the back of the quilt…

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