Echino log cabin blocks

So, while these may look like they could be part of a gift, I can’t lie. They’re not. This is just me procrastinating again. My list is long, and I’m running out of time (isn’t today the last day to order online with regular shipping? Oi!) but I needed a bit of distraction so I started in on these log cabin blocks.

I love Etsuko Furuya and I’ve been collecting different prints on and off for a while. I love the colors, patterns and especially how they can be combined to create an entirely new pattern. If you’ll recall, I pieced together a few other prints and stretched them over a canvas to create some art for my office. I often look up from my computer and glance over at them, and perhaps this is what prompted me to start another similar project.

I’m not sure what I’ll use them for, but for now I’m enjoying making them and I like looking at them. I don’t know how they’d work for a quilt – that cotton canvas may not be the best fabric for quilting… I might just try it anyway though.

Ok, back to the gifts…

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