Making progress…

…albeit slowly. I pulled out this block quilt that I started ages ago. The top is already complete, so I got to work on the quilt back.

I’m going for a simple back for this one – predominately white, with one strip of the colored blocks down one side. The blocks on the front are 8″ square, so for the back I made similar blocks, but cut them to 4″ square.

I remember now why I put this quilt away without finishing it – it’s big! This is actually the first quilt I started, and without thinking I just jumped right into a queen sized quilt. Once I realized I was being a bit ambitious, I put this one away and started making quilts of a more manageable size. I still really like this one though, and would love to see it on our bed, so I’m going to go for it. Wish me luck!

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