Windmill Whimsy

Thank you all for the name suggestions for this latest quilt. They were all quite creative, and much better than anything I came up with! I think Windmill Whimsy is quite fitting, so many thanks go out to Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

The back of this quilt is mainly white again, but I sewed together one more of the colored blocks. I didn’t have enough fabrics with a purple hue to do a purple block on the front, so instead I used one purple fabric to create a block for the back.

And here’s the completed front and back:

I opted for dark gray for the binding. I think it goes nicely with all the colors on the front, as well as with the white and purple on the back.

This quilt measures about 43″ x 58″, which works as a good size for a throw for the couch. Without trying, this seems to be the size of each quilt I make… soon I’m going to have to break out of this trend and try something bigger! (it turns out that you can indeed have too many quilts for one couch!)

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