A colorful quilt top

So, is this what you were expecting? Probably not… It’s actually not what I was expecting when I first started this quilt. I knew that I wanted to work with triangles again, but I wasn’t sure of the pattern. This resulted due to Morgan’s help. We were creating different patterns with the triangles and he was actually showing me what not to do… which ended up being just what I did. Go figure.

At first, the colors were going to be randomly matched, but then I realized that I did have enough fabrics to match them with others of the same hue. (It’s funny, because I would never have set out to make a quilt with all the colors of the rainbow, but I do actually like the result.)

I don’t have a name for this one, and I’m open to suggestions. Clearly you’ve seen that my choices for past quilts have been lacking. Maybe this pattern already has a name and I could just call it that – does anyone know?

I haven’t yet decided what that back will look like, but I think I’ll be using my favorite Flea Market Fancy print in either pink or gold for the binding. My local quilting shop is out of spray adhesive, so this may have to be put aside for a bit (I know, there are other places to buy it, but I’m really partial to this one brand!)

Next up… I’m thinking I might just finish up one of the quilts I started and never finished… like this one, or maybe this one

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