pretty patchwork for hazel


You might remember when I pulled together these lovely Liberty prints, a few fun texty prints and some corresponding cotton couture solids. I love the delicate florals paired with the pink solids and that one mossy green solid.


I made it with Hazel in mind, thinking these colors would go well in her new room (it’s on my list to get some photos of her room, though each time I think of it it’s never as clean as I’d like!). I didn’t get it done before she was born, but about a month ago I did find some time to add some simple quilting, a little pink binding, and give it a quick trip through the wash so she could start getting some use out of it.


And she has, and I, of course, have thoroughly enjoyed seeing her spend time on a handmade quilt! It may not be my finest finish, but it is finished, and sometimes that’s all you need.

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fabric blocks for a birthday boy


A cute little boy in our neighborhood recently turned 1, and Max and I decided to make him a little something. I made a few fabric blocks before Max was even born and they’ve gotten lots of use in our house and are still going strong. Max loves balls, but I don’t let him keep them in the house (his arm is a little too good these days!), so this is a good compromise. These blocks get tossed around the house a lot, but so far nothing’s been broken…


Anyway, our set used up old scrap fabric, but for this set we went with this great organic line, GeoCentric, from Cloud 9. I love the geometric patterns and the bright colors and the canvas was just perfect for these blocks. I made four sizes – increasing each by 1/2″, and then made up one of Jeni’s drawstring project bags to store them in.


Max was actually quite interested in our little project and was thrilled to be the one to hand me the stuffing (teeny piece by teeny piece!). It took a while to get them all stuffed, but it was fun to work with him on a little sewing project.


So then once they were finished we had a quick little fabric block fight in the living room (just to make sure they were working correctly!) and then I spent far too long taking photos of them. And yesterday they were delivered to the birthday boy.

You can find GeoCentric fabrics at many shops, including Hawthorne Threads, Pink Chalk Fabrics (and on sale, too!), and Sew Modern to name a few!

I used this great cotton stuffing from Quilters Dream to stuff the blocks, purchased from Purl Soho.

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two months


Hazel was two months last week, and boy what a difference a month makes! The crying has really lessened and she’s turned into a happy, smiling, cooing baby. (Max, on the other hand, seems to have decided to take up where she left off – so there’s still lots of crying, just from a different child this month!)


_ _ _

Thanks for the nice comments on my flax plus quilt. I used one Bookhou fabric pack to make that quilt – at the time they weren’t available, but I just noticed yesterday that they’re available here if you’re looking. It’s a great way to get a little sampling of all their great designs (and with enough added solids, you can make a decent sized quilt!)

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