Vintage Quilt Revival blog hop


It’s been a while since we’ve talked quilting books here, so I hope you don’t mind me taking the time today to talk about Vintage Quilt Revival, a beautiful new book written by Katie Clark Blakesley, Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones. I’ve been reading each of their blogs for a long time now, dare I say from the beginning?, so I already knew that a book written by any one of them would be something I’d enjoy reading – but a book from all three of them is a real bonus. The book they’ve put together is nice and substantial, and starts right off with page after page of gorgeous quilts made from 20 traditional blocks, and even includes three different layouts for sampler quilts.

(a favorite!)

I love how they’ve each taken various classic blocks and used colors and different layouts to create a series of very modern quilts. But as much as I love seeing the modern look of these quilts, I appreciate that they take the time to provide a mini history lesson for each block.


As part of this blog hop, we were each asked to select and make one of the blocks from the book. As you can imagine, it was a hard decision! In the end I went for the Dakota Star block – I haven’t done much paper piecing, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to select a block that used that technique.


And I’m so happy to report that it was pretty painless! Though I hope you’ll learn from my little mistake – do make note when a scant 1/4″ is called for! I failed to do so on my first attempt, and after finishing the block up (and congratulating myself for successful paper piecing!), I measured it and was sad to discover that it wasn’t close enough to the 12 1/2″ it should have been.


Redo! And success.

You can follow the rest of the blog hop below. Be sure to check Katie, Lee & Faith’s blogs on the last day of the hop to see the charity quilts they’ve made using the blocks we each made!

January 13th (Monday):
Crazy Mom Quilts – Amanda Jean
Don’t Call Me Betsy – Elizabeth
Film in the Fridge – Ashley
Happy Quilting – Melissa
Noodlehead – Anna

January 14th (Tuesday):
I’m A Ginger Monkey – Katy
Quilting Is My Therapy – Angela
A Quilting Life – Sherri
Sew Mama Sew – Kristin
Tall Grass Prairie Studio – Jacquie

January 15th (Wednesday):
Christa Quilts – Christa
Diary of a Quilter – Amy
Quilting Gallery – Michele
Sew Take a Hike – Penny
V and Co. – Vanessa
West Coast Crafty – Susan

January 16th (Thursday):
Bijou Lovely – Holly
Don’t You Know Who I Am – Sukie
Lily’s Quilts – Lynne
One Shabby Chick – Amber

January 17th (Friday):
Swim, Bike, Quilt – Katie
Freshly Pieced – Lee
Fresh Lemons Quilts – Faith

You can find Vintage Quilt Revival on Amazon or on the Interweave store. Also be sure to check the Vintage Quilt Revival page for other important information, including technical help and errata.

 *book links are Amazon affiliate links

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Hazel – 6 months


Ah, Hazel! Six months already! It’s crazy to think 6 months have already gone by, but at the same time it really does seem like she’s always been part of the family (I’ve always heard people say that, but now I actually get it).


She’s not yet sitting up, but rolling everywhere and making a very concerted effort to creep forward. And despite my best efforts to interest her in her own toys, she passes those by for anything of Max’s (much to his dismay!).


(with their respective bribes!)

Max is certainly one of Hazel’s favorite people, and occasionally he seems to find her quite amusing as well. It’s so nice to see those little interactions and I certainly hope that as time goes on we’ll see them more often.


We had cupcakes to celebrate her half year (Hazel had sweet potatoes!)

Hazel's laying on my Marcelle Plus quilt.

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flea market fancy – on point and on the bed (finally!)


I think this might be the first quilt I can check off my ‘to finish’ list, though as it happens, I didn’t finish it, Angela did!

But let me back up for a minute… some of you might remember way back when when I made this quilt top. It was long before the Flea Market Fancy reprint, so after spending a lot of time collecting these prints, I decided to bite the bullet and cut into a whole bunch of them to make this queen sized quilt top. You can read more about it here if you care to.


Anyway, like so many other quilt tops, it sat for a very long time. Basting quilts is not my favorite part, so every time I thought about basting a queen sized quilt, I just pushed it further down the list. As luck would have it, I was spared having to baste this one, as I had a chance to send it to Angela Walters, machine quilter extraordinaire. I’ve loved Angela’s work for such a long time, and it was always a dream of mine to be able to have her quilt one of my quilts. (And now, seeing her work in person makes me want to practice, practice, practice!)


I got it back recently and wow, I can’t believe how her quilting totally made this quilt into something really special. She’s used several different straight line quilting designs in the blocks and a variety of additional quilting designs through the sashing, even continuing the sashing into the border in places.


a variety of perfect little cornerstones!


This little bit – those couple of crossed lines – falls near the center of the quilt, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Do you follow Angela on Instagram? If not, you should! She’s been posting a few videos of her quilting, and wow, it’s mesmerizing! I wish they were longer than 15 seconds, because I could watch it for hours. (This one shows a bit of her ruler work, which I think is how she quilted the straight lines in these blocks)


I opted for a really low loft batting because I wanted this one to be a summer weight quilt. Of course, now that it’s on the bed I can’t imagine taking it off, so it’ll probably be a year round quilt! The backing is mostly a Kona gray (ash?), and nicely shows off the gorgeous quilting. If I were willing to take it off the bed, I might have been able to get a photo of it, but since I’m not, this little peek will have to suffice!


Angela, thanks so much for adding so much to my quilt (and for helping to cross an unfinished quilt off my list!)

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