a confession.


So, I have a confession to make. Another one! (my first was the number of unfinished quilts I have in my closet!). This time it’s about fabric. When I first started sewing and quilting I bought fabric – lots of it. It would seem that I thought that I was going to use the same fabric in a bazillion quilts (not so). Lately I’ve tried to be better about my buying habits – more often buying fat quarters and then waiting to see what fabrics I seem to reach for often before buying bigger cuts. And that seems to be working (that, and the fact that there are so many great new lines coming out – faster than I can sew them into quilts!).


(pretty (and soft!) Anna Maria Horner velveteens – several on sale at Hawthorne Threads)

Despite being good about buying smaller quantities for quilt tops, my weakness seems to be for sale fabrics or unique prints that ‘might’ make a good quilt backing. Apparently I’m able to justify a larger than necessary purchase with the thought of “wouldn’t this be great as a quilt back?” And sure, maybe it would make a good quilt back, but if you don’t have a quilt needing a backing then perhaps it’s not very useful. Looks like I need to make up a bunch of quilt tops…



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