happy friday to you!

Even though it was a short week, it still felt like a long one to me. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend, though those who predict such things are predicting rain each day. If you were tempted to move to VT, you might want to reconsider! (ah, I’m kidding… I do love it here, I’d just love it more if we got some sun and warmer weather!) I guess that means a long weekend of quilting for me…


Speaking of, here’s a little update on the nine patch quilt a long, hosted by amandajean. I’ve been enjoying making these, and it’s nice not to do them all at once. I layed them out on our bedspread to get an idea of how they all looked together. I think they look better in person – again, due to all that rain, the lighting’s not the greatest…


Thanks so much for all your kind comments on my last two quilts, as well as for all the great comments on the giveaway. There were a few questions on the Far Far Away Squared quilt, and I tried to do my best to answer them in the comments. If you asked a question, please check there. There were also a few questions asked in the giveaway post, and I’m afraid to say that with all the comments I’ll probably never find your question or your email address! Please feel free to email me directly here. And if you haven’t yet signed up for the giveaway, click here for that post. There are a lot of comments, but someone has to win, right? (or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself when I enter the other giveaways!)

Hope there’s a sunnier weekend predicted where you are!

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15 Responses to happy friday to you!

  1. 1
    katie says:

    i love your squares. it has been so rainy here too. I miss the sunshine and that hot weather we had last week!

  2. 2
    Amber says:

    Raining here too – and so humid! wow that is a lot of emails/comments – I almost wish I had another email address only for giveaways 🙂
    Hope you have a fun weekend! There nothing better than a good excuse for spending it sewing!

  3. 3

    “It never rains in Southern California…” Tony! Toni! Tone! lied since I got pelted by it on my walk to get coffee this morning!

  4. 4
    Terri says:

    Love your selection of 9-patches! Such a great way to slowly work on blocks. I have about 18 done so far. I think your Far Far Away quilt is a nice way to feature favorite fabrics from a collection. I might do that with my Bohemian stash.

  5. 5
    Cindra says:

    That is going to be one fabulous quilt! You are inspiring me to get my rear in gear and finish up my squares!

  6. 6
    Kate says:

    Gee, your 9 patch quilt is going to look fabulous…although given the quilts you have previously completed I never had any doubts 😉 Enjoy your weekend.

  7. 7
    Rita says:

    Your nine-patch blocks look fabulous! With regard to the rain though, perhaps you could send some along to Melbourne, where we live with severe water restrictions due to a very long period of drought! It just doesn’t seem to want to rain here.

  8. 8
    ...dotty... says:

    It must be the light where you are………those blocks look great from here !
    I was one of the sillies that hid a question among the giveaway comments I think. I’m not sure where I asked it, but wanted to know what batting you’re using. Surely it’s a cotton, right. Your quilts just look scrumptious !

  9. 10
    Carol Ann says:

    I love and miss Vermont…we lived in Montreal 10 years ago and would drive down often…
    Love your quilts, I wish I had the time to quilt again…
    Please do not include me in your giveaway…I just wanted to say Hi. Regards, Carol Ann

  10. 11
    flossyblossy says:

    I decided not to follow the quilt along as i’d already made a 9 patch not that long ago but seeing everyones blocks in blogland, and just how beautiful they all look i’m getting sucked in!!! Need to make a quilt for a gift…hhhmmm….wondering whether she’dlike a 9 patch.

  11. 12
    Shelly says:

    Looks great so far. Well done!

  12. 13
    erin says:

    sent your package on friday – forgot to put in the note. i found it sitting on the counter when i came home. oops! let me know when you get it.

  13. 14
    jaybird says:

    your blocks look great.. i’ve got some major catching up to do… but i’ll get there… could you imagine how big of a quilt we could make if we combined all the blocks everyone is making?

  14. 15
    amandajean says:

    love your blocks! they look great all laid out. 🙂

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