I do love this quilt!


I have to say it again… I love this quilt! I know I say it about almost all of them, but there’s something about the softness of this one that instantly makes it one of my very favorites!


I used 6″ squares of each of the prints in the Far Far Away line – mainly because they all look so great together and I couldn’t bear to separate them! I decided to just do a minimal amount of quilting, to make sure it remained as soft as possible – I went for diagonal lines through the squares, but changed it up just a bit by quilting 1/4″ on either side of the diagonal for one direction, and then just the one diagonal line through the other direction. If that description doesn’t make any sense, you can better see below what I’m talking about!


I mentioned the other day that I got some help from the lovely Kathy on coordinating solids, and she did not disappoint! I wanted something fun for the back, and this purply/pinky color was just perfect. I had selected it online but was concerned that it might not match (having not seen it in person), so Kathy kindly confirmed for me that it was a good match! In case you’re wondering, it’s a Robert Kaufmann Kona cotton in Cerise. (oh, and that orange strip below is RK Kona in Papaya – also a fun match!)


I was too impatient to wait for the greens, but realized that I already had a perfect one in my stash – this one is a green from the Net of Jewels line. It really goes perfectly with the greens used in the FFA prints! I used a couple strips of it on the back to outline the strip of scraps I pieced together and then also used it for the binding.


And boy is it soft! I hate to give it up, but it’s now listed in the shop

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