Maze + Vale stripe maze

Photos recovered! This was my second finish of 2017 – another one from January when I was feeling motivated to finish up old quilts (that feeling has since passed, unfortunately!).  This one hasn’t actually been waiting too long to be finished – I made it back in June, according to the previous post about this quilt.

It’s another quilt using my very favorite Maze + Vale prints. They’re hand printed by Leslie Keating in Australia and I keep a very special stash of them. Periodically I like to pull them out and make up a quilt out of them (previous Maze + Vale quilts here, here, and here). This time I pulled the cooler colors – lots of grays, blues, blacks and a few pops of red, and paired them with coordinating solids and a few solid-looking prints.

I made up a bunch of striped blocks of all different sizes and then pieced them together like a puzzle at the end. It’s a little tricky to get them to all come together nicely, but I also find it to be a fun challenge.

I started quilting straight lines diagonally, and was going to do the same in both directions, but ended up doing all the lines in one direction and just a few in the other direction and liking the way it looked.

For the backing I finally used up this long-hoarded piece of lawn, and I love that I finally get to see it in use. I always thought I’d made a top out of it, but never got around to it. I’m glad I stumbled across it while looking for a backing!

I bound it in a few of the blue/black colors of the Add It Up print by Cotton + Steel. I love this print as a binding, and was happy that several of the colors paired so well with the colors in this quilt.

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Also, thanks so much for all the name suggestions for my Kona solids quilt! I appreciate the help, and I’m so glad to hear you’re interested in a quick tutorial. I’m working on putting one together now for you. Stay tuned!

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