go big!

I’ve been thinking about this quilt for a long time now, ever since seeing a vintage version at an antique shop a while back. Then I realized that there’s also another similar version in one of my favorite books, Roderick Kiracofe’s Unconventional & Unexpected (here’s a link to an image of the quilt, which is called Mosaic Rose). Despite loving both versions made up with patterned fabrics, I really wanted to see mine in all solids. I finally decided to stop obsessing about it in my mind and just start working on one of my own!

The kind people at Robert Kaufman sent me the 30 (I tried to narrow it down, but just couldn’t!) 1/4 yard cuts of Kona solids that I requested and I immediately set to work.

I’m not sure if there’s a tutorial out there for this particular block – I cut and sewed mine how I thought it made the most sense (and in a way so I didn’t have to individually piece all those little squares!) and the blocks were surprisingly fun to put together. So much so that I very quickly decided that I should go big and make it king sized.

Once I decided to go big, I felt no need to limit my number of solids and very quickly added at least another 30 colors for variety (there are so many Kona solids that it’s hard to limit oneself) . It’s sort of surprising how much fabric you need for a king sized quilt! I had to reorder twice to have enough for my 64 blocks.

I am absolutely in love with the finished quilt top. I definitely will not be quilting this one on my own – it’s big! – but I did attempt to take these photos on my own after a big snowstorm. It involved shoveling paths and standing on ladders and freezing fingers and a wet quilt and in the end you not only can’t see the entire quilt, but you also can’t even really tell that’s snow. Oh well. Better photos to come once it’s finished, hopefully!

Anyone interested in a tutorial? As I said, there very well may be many tutorials out there for this exact block, so let me know if you’ve found one, but if not, I’m happy to show you how I constructed my blocks.

p.s. it also needs a name, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear!

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65 Responses to go big!

  1. 1
    Janelle says:

    What a beautiful and colorful quilt! Yes absolutely, I would love a tutorial!!! It kind of reminds me of a granny block.

  2. 2
    Dayna from Wisconsin says:

    no suggestions for a name but I would be interested in seeing how you made your blocks.

  3. 3
    Erin says:

    I love it! It’s cheerful and looks like it would be fun to make. A tutorial would be awesome!

  4. 4
    Sharon T says:

    Amazing quilt! Yes, please, share a tutorial!

  5. 5
    Mary D says:

    Love this awesome quilt. I just bought that awesome book too. This block looks to be the Trip Around the World block(not the scrappy one everyone has embraced) but a description of how you did it would work.

  6. 6
    Marion says:

    So colorful !! Fun to lool at – please, a tutorial would be great.
    Name: how about solution – since you found your own solution to make the quilt you like so much. ?

  7. 7
    A. Bouwman says:

    It is lovely, so bright and cheerfull. Greetings

  8. 8
    Deinya Mautz says:

    Yes please for a tutorial to ease up on all those bitty blocks two st a time.

  9. 9
    Cindy says:

    Love everything that you make!! Of course I want a tutorial.

  10. 10
    Laura says:

    Very nice…tempting me to try making something with just solids….yes, how about a tutorial!!!!!!

  11. 11
    Joanne H says:

    I absolutely LOVE this in solids! A tutorial would be awesome. Thanks! 🙂

  12. 13
    Elizabethdx says:

    So pretty! I love it!
    thank you for offering a tutorial. I would be very grateful.

  13. 14
    Carola says:

    This is awesome! I fell so in love with this quilt! If you’re up to a tutorial, I’d much appreciate it. Thank you!

  14. 15
    Nicole says:

    Well done! I’m more interested in how you worked out all your pressing so that seams met and nested nicely. Tutorial please!

  15. 16
    De baker says:

    I would love to find an easy way to do this thanks, it’s great

  16. 17
  17. 18
    Melody A. says:

    gorgeous quilt!! I would love a tutorial on how you went about making your blocks. Take care from Iowa

  18. 19
    Greg Stewart says:

    It turned out really beautiful. Something to be very proud of.
    And yes- I would love to have a tutorial.
    thank you!

  19. 20
    Ruth Marler says:

    Battenberg bonanza

  20. 21
    Ruth Marler says:

    building bonanza

  21. 22
    Ruth Marler says:

    super-sized spectrum

  22. 23
    Sandra says:

    Beautiful. Yes to a tutorial–thank you.

  23. 24
    Jean says:

    It’s an amaZING quilt! Yes, please, share a tutorial! Thank you!

  24. 25
    Patti says:

    Tutorial please! I have a king size bed and I’m in need of a bright, colorful quilt! Thank you for sharing!

  25. 26
    Stephanie says:

    Yes…Please! Turotial would be fantastic. It is beautiful!

  26. 27

    It’s a beautiful quilt top and I’d love to see a tutorial.

  27. 28
    Jean says:

    Love it! I’d love a tutorial. Thank you!

  28. 29
    Linda says:

    Doing this in solids make it extra beautiful! Love a tutorial. I think you should just call it my specetacular quilt.

  29. 30
    Amy L says:

    This quilt will definitely give you colorful dreams when you sleep under it. It’s beautiful. Since each block is like a mini “Trip Around the World,” how about Solid Trip for a name?

  30. 32
    Little Quiltsong says:

    Wow – Love your quilt. Somehow each colorful block is so unique in itself. You did a beautiful job!

  31. 33
    Jenny says:

    Wow! This will be my new bed quilt. Tutorial, please.

  32. 34
    kathy in MT says:

    I’ve always been in love with this vintage granny squares type block. Yours is so beautiful in solids! YES, please create a tutorial….thank you!

  33. 35
    heidi says:

    love this! I would love a tutorial, PLEASE!!!

  34. 36
    Roxanne Howard says:

    LOVE this quilt! and would love, Love, LOVE a tutorial

  35. 37
    Jennifer says:

    Add my yes to the list for a tutorial. I love the look and would like to not have to sew all those little blocks one by one. The quilt it gorgeous.

  36. 38
    Camille says:

    Beautiful and wow all those colors. I would love to see a tutorial. Thanks.

  37. 39
    Jan Altomare says:

    Love your fabric choice. They really stand on their own.

  38. 40
    Becky T says:

    Go Big and Stay Warm

  39. 41
    Elizabeth says:

    “Indulgence” because you so loved working with your fabrics. If I were making it from strip scraps, I would still call it “Indulgence” because using my scraps is a treat to me.
    Yes, would love to see how you made the blocks without sewing individual pieces.

  40. 42
    Carol Brooks says:

    I would love a tutorial. Your quilt is amazing. I love it.
    from cj.brooks@mchsi.com

  41. 43
    Jan Sturtevant says:

    I’d love a tutorial, too. I really like Becky T’s suggestion of Go Big and Stay Warm! Beautiful quilt!

  42. 44
    Karen Isaacson says:

    On rainy days when we couldn’t go outside at school in second grade or so, I recall we got pieces of graph paper and we used our crayons to make designs. This reminds me of that…

  43. 45
    Cindy Beal says:

    Love the snow backdrop!!!!! Makes the colors just glow!!!!! I prefer to work in solids so this really caught my eye. Would like to know your method as I will not be sewing little squares together one at a time either. Ever.
    It is just beautiful!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  44. 46
    janequiltsslowly says:

    I love Roderick’s book and dip into it for inspiration! This is a wonderful quilt. Yes, please a tutorial would be great!

  45. 47
    Robin says:

    Tutorial? Y.E.S! This is just gorgeous. I cannot believe these are all SOLIDS! All the colors have me thinking of the Metropolitan Art Museum I used to visit as a kid.

  46. 48
    Pam says:

    Would love a tut! How anout Kalidscope?

  47. 49
    Kris Ann says:

    Yes please, a pattern would be awesome and maybe in different sizes!!!

  48. 50
    Leslie Robinson says:

    I looked at granny block tutorials but this is more complex by quite a ways, so yes, PLEASE, we need to benefit from your wisdom!! Love all your quilts and tutorials!

  49. 51
    Alison Gisvold says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  50. 52
    Mary says:

    I too would welcome a tutorial

  51. 53
    Stitchwiz says:

    “Solid Kona Explosion” as a tribute to the fabric company who supplied all the gorgeous fabric that went into this beauty.

    Love to see a tutorial for this – king size beauties like this are hard to find.

  52. 54
    Dawna Swiedom says:

    What a beautiful, colorful, confetti blizzard to cheer us all here in the Northeast after our 2 snow blizzards last week! Tutorial–yes, please 🤗.

  53. 55
    Vicki says:

    This is great! What about Quilt Salad for the name?

  54. 58
    Suzanne Kohler says:

    Love it!!! tutorial please! thanks

  55. 59
  56. 60
    Rhonda says:

    Yes, tutorial please! Lovely 🙂

  57. 61
    Terri says:

    Very nice. Tutorial please.

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  60. 62
    BABS says:

    Maybe something like mosaic rose part deux

  61. 63
    Jackson M. Watkins says:

    TUTORIAL, TUTORIAL, TUTORIAL PLEASE!!! I love this Quilt, it reminds me of the quilts that my Grandmother use to make, except for the modern colors of course. I guess you got the idea that I would love to see a Tutorial…

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