flowers for Hazel

Each January I am motivated to pull out the unfinished quilt tops and get them finished. Usually I’m good for one or two and then I’m quickly distracted by the thought of new quilt tops (maybe this year will be the year I get them finished?!).

Anyway, I pulled out this quilt top which had been taking up residence in my closet for far too long. I selected this one because I had recently set aside a number of prints that I thought would be good for the backing.

As soon as I laid this one out to start making the backing, Hazel found it and decided it just had to be for her, and who am I to argue with a quilt-loving 3 year old? I’m not sure if it’s the colors or all the florals that appeal to her, but she was definitely certain that this was to be hers.

I know that I love the rich, jewel like colors and I remember pulling out lots of older fabrics that fit that feeling (interestingly enough, most of them turned out to be florals, even though that wasn’t my intention!). I finished it off with some florals on the back as well, and quilted it with simple straight lines on either side of the seams.

Hazel waited patiently as I hand sewed the binding, washed it, and then photographed it. Luckily for her, I was able to get photos yesterday, so she went to bed happily with her brand new quilt!

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