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Happy New Year! I certainly didn’t expect to be here showing you a quilt top in these very early days of 2017. As much as I love sewing and quilting, I haven’t been able to find the time to sew as often as I’d like. Lately my sewing table is more a catch-all than a place to create new work. I finally decided to clean it off, and in so doing, found a pile of neutrals – a bunch of Robert Kaufman yarn dyed fabrics, a big piece of one of Carolyn Friendlander’s Euclid fabrics and a few other white/off white solids.

Thanks to school vacation and Morgan being around, I was able to start this quilt. I started this neutral log cabin block, which began with a piece of hand printed fabric from Lucie Summers. I wasn’t really sure where this was going, and considered a mini quilt/wall hanging, but really felt it should be large enough to be usable as a quilt. Even as I considered various placement options for this section I had already pieced, I kept on adding strips in a somewhat log cabinish fashion.

I was able to piece in a bunch of saved special neutrals – prints from Maze & Vale of course, plus some fun pieces from Spin Spin and even some long hoarded Yoshiko Jinzenji.

I often think that I’m going to limit myself to just solids, or in this case, just neutrals, but truth be told, I just can’t do it. Even here, not only could I not just limit myself to just solids, but I also couldn’t even stick to just neutrals. I made it very nearly all the way, but then felt it needed something to give it a little pop – some hot pink on linen, in this case! The x print at the top is one by Lucie Summers and the pieces in the lower corner are some I purchased ages ago from Jones & Vandermeer. I’m so pleased they’ve found their way into this quilt!

The pink may be a bit predictable, but really the hot pink on neutral linen was just begging to be used. Maybe some random color for the back? We shall see…

I hope 2017 is off to a good start for you!

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