Henry – months 7 & 8

These months are speeding by! I can’t even seem to get photos taken in time, let alone get them up on the blog!

Seven months –

(Lotta Jansdotter quilt)


(Liberty churn dash quilt)

8 months –

(Cotton + Steel split angles quilt)



(ha! so hard to get a real smile out of Hazel!) (Photos of this new quilt coming this week!)

Henry continues to be the funniest, sweetest, easiest baby. He’s easily entertained and finds his siblings, Max especially, to be hilarious. Unlike the other two, who weren’t interested in walking until after they were 1, this guy is dying to walk now. He can crawl, but would so rather spend all day long walking through the house holding my hands. I look forward to seeing how soon he’ll actually start walking on his own!

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