coral maze

I pulled out all my hoarded collected Maze & Vale prints the other day and decided that rather than just admiring them and putting them back on the shelf, I should actually make something out of them. What an idea, right?!


As you may know, I’ve been and admirer, and collector!, of Leslie’s beautiful hand printed fabrics for quite some time now, and I’ve made a couple quilts previously out of her fabrics (here and here).


This time I decided to limit the color palette – using all the pinks, yellows and brownish grays I had along with some similar solids. The design is similar to my Bespoke quilt, though with less background white space and consequently a slightly different look.


I like that it shows off larger sections of these beautiful prints.


My mom has already mentioned that these are her colors, so possibly she’s making a play for this one? (though she also mentioned that it would be great if it could be larger to fit her bed…unfortunately that’s not possible as this one already used up my stash of Maze & Vale prints!)

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