double gauze plus – a quilt top


As you can imagine, life’s been busy around here lately. Luckily Henry seems to be a pretty calm baby so far – spending most of his days asleep (and then most of his nights awake…I’m very tired!).


I spend quite a lot of time sitting up in bed feeding the baby and on occasion I find myself in somewhat of a daze, just staring at  the quilt covering our bed (this king sized plus quilt out of favorite Denyse Schmidt prints). One sleepless night I decided a plus quilt might be a good way to ease back into quilting.


I had purchased many of these lovely Nani Iro prints a while back at my local fabric shop, and paired them with a few others from my double gauze stash, thinking these soft colors would make a nice quilt. The stack happened to still be hanging out on my sewing table, so it was easy enough to decide to use that stack for the plus quilt.


You’ll notice that a few of the prints were swapped out – after arranging them on the design wall I felt the darker ones stood out too much in this type of design, so they were replaced with a few other lighter prints. I’m really pleased with the final arrangement and of course I can’t wait to wrap up in double gauze goodness!


(Henry seems to be a fan as well and snoozed here on the floor for quite a while the other afternoon. His bed? Not so much…)


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