Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge 2015


I always love this time of year when Umbrella Prints announces their annual Trimmings Challenge. I had the opportunity to be a judge one year, and last year I submitted this quilt. I thought I might just watch from the sidelines this year, but purchased two trimmings packs just in case.

I haven’t felt super inspired lately, but after opening my trimmings packs and finding this one filled with soft peaches, pinks, light blues and beiges, I thought I might see if I could put something together.


As soon as I saw the one larger square on the cream background with the little blowing seeds (ha! I’m sure it has a much more appropriate name than that!), I thought I could use it as the center focal point with the other trimmings pieces surrounding it. As it turned out, my packet had several pieces of a few prints, so I was able to use those pieces to radiate out from the four sides of the center square, keeping it nearly symmetrical (substituting in a couple other similarly-colored pieces where needed!). The tiny extra pieces were put to use in each of the four corners along with some coordinating solids in partial log cabin blocks.


I felt it really needed some circular quilting to draw focus to the center square, so I did a somewhat tight spiral from the center. I started out with white thread for the center, then switched to blue for the rings over the blue Umbrella Prints fabrics, then orangey-peach, and then a pale pink and then back to white. It’s kind of subtle, but I love the extra little touch it adds.

It was so fun to make up this quilt and to be inspired by these little trimmings. I always love when the fabric itself inspires a quilt, so I really appreciate this challenge. Be sure to follow the Umbrella Prints pinterest board to see all the submissions. (There’s even an audience prize this year, given to someone who comments and repins!)

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