Tiger Lily for Max


Heather Ross’s upcoming Tiger Lily line is beautiful, no getting around it. But I wouldn’t have necessarily said it was the perfect line for a quilt for Max.


After making my first Tiger Lily quilt, I suggested that it might make a fun new quilt for Hazel, since she loves cats. I apparently failed to remember that Max also loves cats — he immediately wanted to know where his cat quilt was. And so this second Tiger Lily quilt was born.

(baby fingers… though now at 4, maybe less baby-like, but still tiny and cute!)


I’m pleased to report that he’s thrilled with it. Kitties! More kitties!


I used a long-hoarded piece of Heather Ross’s tadpole print which seemed like the perfect color for the backing. It’s fun to finally use something I purchased so many years ago. I quilted it with horizontal straight lines about an inch and a half apart, and used a woodgrain print for the binding (another that’s been in my stash for quite some time, come to think of it)


And now Hazel wants to know when hers will be finished…better get quilting!


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