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Happy early Valentine’s Day! Strangely enough, I’m not really a ‘quilt for certain holidays’ kind of girl, but this is now the third year that I’ve made a Valentine’s Day quilt (also here and here), so who knows.


The last two were very red and pink, so this time I went for all the colors, even a bit of neon! I wasn’t going to make this V Day thing a habit, but once Allison posted her tutorial for her heart quilt, I just couldn’t resist. And then after I thought about it a bit, I just couldn’t resist the though of hearts made out of hearts, so Umbrella Prints it was (I love this heart print!).

(bleak, right? that’s the frozen lake in the background. I can’t wait for summer days!)

I’ve collected their beautiful fabrics over many years, and have bought my fair share of their large remnant packs, and it was really fun to pull them all out and use them all together in this quilt.


I made up two sizes of hearts (the smaller ones are the size in her tutorial – oh ha! just went to link and see that she now has provided measurements for multiple sizes! The smaller blocks here are 4 1/2″ squares and the larger are 6 1/2″ squares), and then scattered them throughout the quilt top. I used a Cloud 9 Cirrus solid (ash, I believe) for the background. I sewed most of these blocks last weekend while sewing with a friend and managed to cut and sew all the borders incorrectly. It was comical, really. You can see in this photo how many extra (unnecessary!) seams there are. (I shouldn’t have pointed that out, right?!)

Allison’s tutorial though? Perfect! Just the quick, fun and satisfying sew I needed!

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