coming up roses…


One of the good things about moving is that sometimes you come across things long forgotten, like this great bundle of fabrics that I pulled together at the beginning of the year. I often pull fabrics only to return them to the shelves, but I really liked this one and put them all in a box (again, not labeled!) with the hope that they’d someday become a quilt.


I came across the box while unpacking and decided it should be my next project. I added in a few additional fabrics that fit the look and since then I’ve been sewing together half square triangles whenever I get a free moment.


My design wall is currently not on the wall, but instead is leaning against the wall right as you walk in the house. It serves a dual purpose of covering up an unattractive corner fireplace and also providing a fun spot of color when you come in the door. These cheery colors are certainly a welcome sight!

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