long time!


My oh my! I had hoped to be back here before now, but as it turns out, moving is a lot more work than I imagined! (Previous moves were without kids and with significantly less stuff.) I incorrectly thought that the challenging part would be the part heading up to the move. Not so. Getting all the stuff out of the boxes has been far more work! Despite what I thought of as stellar labeling skills, I’ve managed to misplace many of our things – the bolts to the bed frame, a dining room chair, all of Hazel’s winter gear, which I just found today in a box labeled ‘Hazel – outgrown clothing, etc’. Note to self – ‘etc’ should probably not be used when labeling moving boxes.


But anyway, we’re mostly back to normal, and even though my sewing table had to live in the garage for a couple weeks, it’s now set up again and I’ve been doing a bit of sewing to make up for lost time.


I opted to work on this quilt, since it was the last packed and I was smart enough to pack all the fabrics along with the sections I had already sewn. (I labeled that box ‘sewing – last packed’, which is also not very descriptive…) Max has also been bugging me periodically about ‘his quilt’, and I’m certainly powerless to resist a three year old’s request for a new quilt!


I didn’t have much of a design wall set up, so I just decided to let it go and sew pieces together completely randomly. It came together quite quickly, as I used lots of solid white to create more of a minimalistic herringbone design. The prints are mostly Denyse Schmidt’s Hadley line, along with some Cotton + Steel basics.


The colors in this one lent themselves so well for a quintessential Vermont fall foliage photo, but the weather didn’t cooperate, or when it did, I found myself without any adults around to hold the quilt up. I’m hoping Max can brush up on his photography skills so he can start taking the photos for me!


(I realize you can’t really see the quilt here, but look… pretty trees!)

Previous post about this quilt can be found here.

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26 Responses to long time!

  1. 1
    beth lehman says:

    beautiful, ashley!! i love it!! the negative space really shows off the vibrancy of the prints!! (and etc. on a box?? definately not a good idea… but one i have always used!!)

  2. 2
    Marion says:

    Good to have you back – this quilt is really inspiring, especially if it’s hold from a charming 3-year old boy.

  3. 3
    Pat S says:

    Lovely quilt. Darling little boy. Wow, what a gorgeous backdrop for both. Good to see you posting again. Moving is always a bit of a pain.

  4. 4

    Isn’t it funny how we can get carried away when taking quilts for photo shoots? I would have included that last shot in a post too… the quilt’s very visible in lots of other pics 🙂 And those trees deserve a money shot! This post made me want to get outside with my quilts again!

  5. 5
    Susan says:

    This is why I refuse to move!

  6. 6
    Cheryl says:

    Very pretty quilt top, I am glad you are getting back to normal after your move.

  7. 7
    jodi says:

    Wonderful colors for an autumn backdrop. Another beautiful quilt top! Picturing Max holding a big Nikon or Canon and capturing you and your quilts -sweet!

  8. 8
    Alicia says:

    Just a military moving tip, designate one box as the “parts box.” This is where you put all the hardware to the furniture, remote controls, lists of inventory, etc. This is the box you carry in your car. Put your phone number on the outside should it be misplaced.

  9. 9
    Linda says:

    Yay! You’re back. I’ve been checking in every day…lol. Max looks so happy to have his quilt. He’ll be taking pictures for you before you know it. I moved when my youngest was not quite 2, and she screamed everytime she was put to bed in her new room…..sigh. She finally got used to it, but it wasn’t a fun time….lol.

    Love the quilt and the trees! Hugs and kisses to the little ones.

    xo Linda

  10. 10
    beth lehman says:

    ok, i’m back to comment again…!! i have scoured the ‘interwebs’ and can’t find a herringbone tutorial i like!! i’d love to give this a try!! any chance you could do a quick tutorial or outline of how this came together?

  11. 11
    Laura says:

    wow-great photos, nice to have you back on the blog, glad you are doing well!!!!!

  12. 12

    This is really perfect for a young boy and it will grow with him for years.

  13. 13
    Jane says:

    Great to have you back Ashley – I have also checked in on your blog most days!! Your views of Vermont in the fall look lovely and complement Max’s new quilt.

  14. 14
    Julierose says:

    the trees are beautiful. We don’t get that down here in texas…

  15. 15
    PT in SC says:

    Glad you are mostly settled. Stunning photoshoot and quilt!

  16. 16
    Barb N says:

    When anyone even speaks about moving, it makes me tired! We moved a year ago after having lived in the same house for 17 years. I understand your pain! This is a great quilt, and a good one for Max. Yep, it’s high time to have him brush up on those photography skills.

  17. 17
    Emily says:

    Lovely quilt!

    Moving really is the worst…

  18. 18
    elsa says:

    Really lovely quilt ~ thanks for the inspiration!

    I’ve moved more than I like to admit and it’s always a pain.

  19. 19
    Lisa C in Dallas says:

    Moving is quite “fun”, isn’t it? I consider myself a very organized person but moving is just one of those things that no matter how you plan…. Beautiful pictures.

  20. 20
    linda says:

    Ha- ha I haven’t moved in 40 years.. am dreading it!! Lovely quilt, nice to see those Hadley fabrics teamed up with lots of white! Linda

  21. 21
    Erin Stewart says:

    I love your quilt! The mix of the white with the pretty prints and the ‘pattern’ you went with is just perfect! Love the fall foliage in the pics, too. Makes me want to wrap up in the quilt! I can’t wait for fall weather to get here…where we are, it still feels like summer and I am eager to pull out my sweaters and boots. haha. =)

  22. 22
    Mary Lauve says:

    Looks like your new home is in a beautiful spot. Love the quilt! Congratulations!

  23. 23
    Megan says:

    Absolutely lovely quilt and I love that you did it so random… it always seems to turn out when you do that and not “think ” about it. Loving the fresh feel of it!

  24. 24

    I love this post! It’s so real life. I’ve totally done that with labeling boxes that seemed clear at the time and in retrospect were WAY to general. LOL.

  25. 25
    Sarah says:

    The autumn colours are beautiful where you live. So pretty! We moved in September and not everything is unpacked. I guess we don’t use or need what’s still in boxes!

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