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For a second there both kids were taking nice long naps in the afternoon and I had my hands free to do a bit of sewing. As expected, that didn’t last long, and now one child (ahem, Hazel) has decided not to nap at all. So now instead of sewing, I’ve been doing a bit of fabric piling. Pulling out fabrics and making bundles for possible quilts has always been one of my favorite things. It really doesn’t matter that most don’t actually become quilts – it’s fun to just combine and recombine the fabrics.

Usually I start with a favorite print, or a certain color scheme – pulling first from my prints and then adding in solids, but this time I decided to start with the solids instead, then add in prints afterwards. I don’t know if I have a preference, though it seems to me that it might have been a bit faster to start with the solids. It seems I had an easier time deciding on colors with the absence of patterns.

Who knows.


In any case, this is one of two new bundles currently residing on my sewing table – this one loosely inspired by Fall, though again, more like really early Fall before the colors are really rich (or I suppose it could be a Spring bundle too!)

It’s got some peach, coral, amber, light green and a touch of gold and yellow.


My second stack has more of those rich warm colors – a range of hues from light pink to darker purple along with some nice amber and mustard colors. And interestingly enough, all these bundles include some peachy solids and prints – apparently something I’m really liking lately!


And lastly, a stack I’ve shown you previously, but which has remained stacked, so is still a contender. I’d still love to see a quilt made out of this lovely pile.

So which stack should become a quilt?

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