jam on!


Hey look! I have a little something sewn to show you today! Let me quickly assure you that this is certainly nothing I whipped up recently – I had been working on these blocks before Hazel was born and they’d been residing on my design wall for a while.


A while back I made up a couple mini quilts using a couple pieces of the great heart print from Umbrella Prints. I ended up liking them so much that I snagged a few more of their trimmings packs so I could make a few more. I was pleased to find many more pieces of the heart print in a variety of colors so I set about putting together stacks of Cotton Couture solids to pair with each heart print (Max even got in on the fabric-picking action!).


As each mini was completed, I stuck them up on the design wall and soon there was a nice collection. Even though they were intended to be mini quilts, the more I looked at them, the more I wanted to sew them all together to make one large throw. I took a quick survey on Instagram – “mini quilts or jam them together?” and it seems most were in agreement (maybe just humoring me?) that jamming them together was the way to go. As I write this now, I wonder why I didn’t just use the word ‘sew’, rather than ‘jam’, but funnily enough, my IG friends were down with the word, commenting “jam it!”, “jam ’em”, “jam on” or just “jam” and so now I can’t look at this quilt top without thinking of some form of the word jam. But anyway…


Despite the fact that these colors were selected for individual quilts, I’m really loving the way they all look together (jammed!) in one quilt top. And good news – I snagged myself a heart print bundle from the Umbrella Prints shop so there are plenty more hearts left for other mini quilts, should the mood strike!


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