first quilt top of 2013


Happy 2013! Our New Year started with Max flushing his toothbrush and clogging the toilet (which of course required the toilet to be removed – an unpleasant task, to be sure!), and then I got hit with some awful illness that had me confined to the couch for a week. I will assume that better things are ahead… like this quilt top becoming a real quilt!


I put most of these blocks together at the very end of December, and then got the top sewn together on New Years Day, so I suppose that qualifies it as the first top of 2013. I was really happy to finally get a chance to sew up these blocks – I pulled together most of this stack many months ago.


Along the way I’ve collected many special handprinted fabrics from a variety of wonderful artists, and it was fun to be able to combine all those favorites in this one quilt top. Most recently I received a few great prints from Julie at Cloth Fabric in Australia. I’m particularly fond of her disc print (shown above in the center), so I based my fabric pull off of this print. Along with several of Julie’s fabrics, you’ll find some Skinny LaMinx, Ink & Spindle, Kalla Design, a few little pieces of Umbrella Prints, and a little Repeat Studios along with some coordinating quilting weight prints and solids.


I wanted to use larger pieces of these gorgeous handprinted fabrics, so I opted for some large (15″) improv blocks. I really love the way the blocks look, and I love them even more all sewn together into this quilt top! I’m hoping to get a backing put together this week so this one doesn’t languish in the ‘quilt top closet’!


(As usual, Max still loves himself a quilt photoshoot!)

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