a trip around the world, in scraps!


Well, this quilt was not one that was on my list, nor was it one that I had even considered, but now? Well, I’m a bit obsessed! Right after Christmas, Megan posted a photo or two on Instagram of a few of the blocks she was working on. I thought they were pretty, and probably commented as such, but I was working on another quilt, and didn’t give it too much thought. Then there were pictures of additional blocks and before long, there were also more fellow instagrammers starting the same quilt. It didn’t take long before I had my scrap bins out and I was joining the fun!


I already mentioned that my goal this year will be to use some of my stash, and this seems like the perfect quilt to help with that. I’ve pulled out lots of the larger scraps, but also had a chance to pull out older fabrics that have been sitting for a while. And what’s great is that it seems like anything goes with this quilt! I love seeing the different variations being made – even though most are scrappy, they still each have a unique look.


In the midst of winter, I tend to be drawn to bright, happy colors, so I pulled a bright, vibrant rainbow of colors, along with some light grays. I’ve eliminated brown and black this time, and have mainly stuck with one color prints. I’m not sure yet how large this one will end up being, but since the blocks are somewhat quick and easy to make, you could probably make a bed sized quilt in a relatively short amount of time! (tempting!)

If you’re in the mood to follow along, the free tutorial can be found here. There’s also a Flickr group set up if you want to see other variations, or if you’re on Instagram, you can find photos by searching for #scrappytripalong. Thanks Megan, for the fun quilty start to 2013!

Happy New Year!

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