rainbow scraps quilt

Like so many of us, I use a lot of fabric, and consequently end up with a lot of scraps. I used to try to be good about using them, but lately I’ve just been dumping them all into a huge plastic storage tub and ignoring them. Well, when I no longer could close that tub, and when Max found it fun to go diving into said tub, I decided it might be time to work on a couple scrap quilts.

I had plans for a plus quilt using scraps, though it looked nothing like this one. Then I made up my section for Monica’s traveling quilt, and loved the look of those little rainbow plusses and knew I just had to make up a mini for myself.

And can I just tell you how fun it is to see all those little scraps put to use? So much better than stuffed into a bin!

I used up the remaining rainbow squares for a backing, and I like it equally as much as the front. For a minute I considered making it a separate quilt, but I think instead this will just be a lovely reversible rainbow mini.

But how to quilt it? I keep thinking about it, but honestly I have no idea. You?

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