fall cross quilt

I pulled together this stack recently. My intent was to put together something for Fall, but after putting it together, it felt quite spring-y to me, what with all the roses and the spring-like greens and yellows. But as it turns out, after sewing it up — totally fall-like!

To be precise, this reminds me of the very beginning of Fall, when the bright green leaves start to transition, and the grass is still quite green.

I set out to take photos of this quilt with those bright green leaves with just a tinge of yellow, but alas, I failed to charge the camera battery (darn you, camera that needs charging just when I’m about to take the perfect photo!). Anyway, then we had what felt like nineteen days of rain, and now most of those nice leaves have fallen, which luckily still makes for a nice photo…

I think if I had added in a lot of white/off white, this quilt would be reading more spring like, but since I added in a few extra brown solids instead, it really is reminiscent of fall. I went with wonky crosses, which I’ve made previously, though I played around with the fabrics for the crosses and backgrounds this time.

I cut these blocks to 6.75″ (random, yes!), and when I found myself a bit short, just added in an extra strip of fabric as necessary. It adds that bit of randomness that I like so much!

Just waiting on a backing solid for this one, but I’m definitely itching to get this finished before all those leaves fall!

(a somewhat patient Max watching the birds while I snap some photos!)

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