flying geese gone wild

I’m so pleased with this little quilt. This stack of fabric was one I pulled for my Friday fabric stack #2 — I started with the wonderful Liberty of London Tom’s Jet print and paired it with some blue and gray solids and prints and one little spot of bright orangey-red.

I was inspired by this mini quilt from the Purl Bee. I like how the geese are flying in all directions, and I love how they’ve played with the different prints for the triangles and backgrounds.

I used this method for making 4 flying geese at a time. Fun! (and quick and painless!). Very quickly I had a pile of geese which I then arranged on the design wall. Since I used two sizes of geese, I had to add in a few additional scraps of fabrics to make everything fit, and I think those little pieces are one of my favorite aspects of the quilt.

I thought at first I’d add to it to make it a bit larger, but after spending a lot of time thinking of options, I finally decided to keep it as it was and turn it into a wall hanging for Max’s room.

Once again I quilted it with narrow straightish lines. I love the texture it gives the quilt, and I love this type of look, especially for a wall hanging. I wish I could show you a photo of it on his wall, but even though I did manage to make a hanging sleeve, and buy a dowel, I still haven’t managed to get it up on the wall!

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    Sarah N says:

    I LOVE this quilt! I am obsessed with flying geese. Definitely going to have to make my own version of this. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Have a great weekend!


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    Brenda says:

    This is gorgeous!!

  5. 5

    Flying geese have so much energy and movement! And you have done them proud – they are practically dancing…

  6. 6
    Natalie says:

    Wow, this is gorgeous! Love the colors, and the geese flying every direction are perfect!

  7. 7

    What a fantastic color scheme!! I love the way this looks!

  8. 8
    Jan says:

    Fantastic. I’m making my first flying geese, for a new quilt. If all goes well, I may try something like this. Great job.

  9. 9
    Melanie C says:

    I LOVE this quilt!! This is going on my “to quilt” list!!!

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    laura says:

    love this! i have a stack of fabric pulled for a quilt very similar to this. thanks for more inspiration šŸ™‚

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  14. 13
    Carla says:

    The color combo is gorgeous! Your hubby is a good sport ; )

  15. 14
    Jenny says:

    I absolutely love this quilt. And I’m so pleased you quilted and finished it!

  16. 15
    Cathy K says:

    What a terrific quilt!!!! I really like it!

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    Linda says:

    Darling quilt! I’ve never tried Flying Geese, but need to give it a try. How can you show us a quilt for Max’s room, without showing us Max? Shame on you….8-)

    xo Linda

  18. 17
    Pam says:

    I absolutely love this quilt!

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    Kate says:

    Love the colours, the quilting and the varying direction of the geese!

  21. 20
    Britt-Inger says:

    I love your geese. You are so inspiring and I have another ” must do”

  22. 21

    I love it! The colors and different sizes really make for an interesting piece.

  23. 22
    Sally says:

    The first thing that came out of my mouth – that’s pretty. As always, thanks for sharing. I need this inspiration.

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    Brooke says:

    Oh I was so inspired by the Purl Soho quilt when I visited there this summer and have been wanting to make a similar one ever since! I love your spin on it. And so glad you posted the link for the flying geese! Now maybe I will get to mine.

  26. 25
    mathea says:

    Great quilt! I love the idea of using different sizes and the geese going in all directions. You have inspired me to go have a look at my Flying Geese Ruler – maybe I can work out how to use it…

  27. 26
    Leone Cabban says:

    Can I please ask what fabrics did you use? I love the flying geese and the design. I want to make one in the Sam colours. Great!!

  28. 27
    Franziska says:

    I like this quilt a lot. I like the colours, I like the triangles. I’m inspired to make a wallhanging for my little one’s room, too, and making something like this one, too.

  29. 28
    melissa q. says:

    I am crazy for this color combination! Such a great look. This quilt is awesome!

  30. 29

    What a lovely quilt. The texture is awesome. I’m glad you kept this one for Max!

  31. 30
    Mel Nunn says:

    Hi! I love this quilt and the tutorial is great, just had to rejig it a bit because the instructions on sizes aren’t crystal clear.

    I’d like to ask you what the two sizes of geese are in his quilt? The colors are gorgeous!

    Thanks, Mel.

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  33. 31
    wudbquilter says:

    your quilt was on todays site do you have a pattern for the layout etc tks

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  37. 32
    Teresa says:

    Love how the orange/coral makes the blues sing…. stunning in its simplicity!

  38. 33
    Tiffani says:

    I love this quilt! What are the 2 different sizes of flying geese you used? What was the finished size of the wall hanging?

  39. 34
    Alyssa says:

    I love this quilt and I was wondering what the different sizes of the triangles are and how big the quilt is overall.

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