ah, a Liberty throw!

What can I tell you about this quilt other than how much I love it? I started collecting Liberty of London scraps back when I started sewing, hoping to someday have enough to make up a quilt.

I always imagined making a throw – something to snuggle under while watching tv – though when I started cutting squares, I failed to consider the size I’d need, and without realizing it, ended up with a queen sized quilt top, rather than the more modestly sized throw I had intended (not that I’m complaining, mind you!). The only issue was that we had recently upgrade to a king sized bed. Thanks to some kind blog readers who sent along some extra squares, I was able to add to that quilt and turn it into a king sized top.

Though all along, I still was wishing for that throw I always imagined. I realized I might have enough left over for a second quilt, so I cut the remaining Liberty prints into 4.5″ squares and made up this small throw. I love the way Liberty looks in simple patchwork – even though some of the colors and patterns don’t necessarily go on their own, I like the way they come together in these simple squares.

I backed this one with light blue voile, because I wanted this quilt to be as soft as possible, and indeed, it’s so soft and lovely, I may never get off the couch! To keep it soft and drapey, I used Quilter’s Dream Request, which is their lowest loft. It measures somewhere around 50″ x 60″.

I quilted it with Elizabeth’s Dogwood pattern, which I absolutely adore. It’s fun to quilt, and I love the way it looks, especially on a solid backing. Plus, when you use this pattern with patchwork squares, there’s little to no marking needed (a bonus in my book!).

It’s bound in a little more Liberty, and well, I’m in love! If you need me you can find me on the couch under my new quilt!

You can find Liberty of London fabrics at these great shops -
the Organic Stitch Company (Jo also has charm squares already cut up for you!)
Pink Chalk Fabrics
Purl Soho

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