cubicles quilt

I love these typewriters, especially in this color! When Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Shining line first came out, I immediately wanted to use the typewriters in a quilt.

(ugh, wrinkles!)

I had a stack of solids sitting out – the aqua, dark eggplant, cream and red – with the intention of using the pairing for a quilt. I was so pleased to see how well they went with this typewriter print.

I don’t usually draw out my quilt designs in advance, but I did for this one, and surprisingly enough, it ended up quite close to my original drawing (which can be seen in this post).

I finished the top a while back, and as you know, it unfortunately ended up stranded in the closet. I’m really trying hard to work my way through those unfinished quilts so I pulled it out and made up a backing with the leftover fabrics. I love the backing almost as much as I love the front, so I’ll definitely be happy regardless of which side is up!

I quilted it with straight lines of uneven widths. It was definitely not a quick finish! I started counting the lines, trying to determine approximately how many I had left (as if that might motivate me to get it finished). I don’t recall now exactly how many lines I actually ended up sewing – all I know is it was a lot!

But I love the look and texture of those straight lines, so I think it was worth it.

This one measures about 60″ x 70″, so a great size for curling up on the couch this fall! (It’s been hot here this summer, so the thought of hanging out under a quilt – not good. But come fall, you know where I’ll be!)


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