a bee quilt

So, my month for this quilting bee was April of 2010. It’s about time I got these blocks sewn together into a quilt top, right?!

I think my month snuck up on me, so I opted for a perennial favorite – blocks in the style of Denyse Schmidt’s Drunk Love in a Log Cabin (and yes, I had members of the Block Party quilting bee make similar blocks – love them!).

I had a piece of a great purple floral print that I asked each member to include somewhere in their block. The greens, purples and grays were all pulled from that print. Looking at it now, I really love how light and springy this one turned out!

Thank you to all the members of Bee Imaginative for these gorgeous blocks!

_ _ _

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about my crazy unfinished quilt problem! I should let you know that even though I’ve been tempted to start on a new quilt, each time I’ve made myself stop and do something towards finishing that pile of quilts. I have a backing made, 2 are now basted, a bit of fabric has been ordered for backings, and I’ve been poring over Angela’s new book for quilting inspiration. Hopefully a few finished quilts will start showing up here soon!

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