taking stock…

So, I guess it’s time to talk about those unfinished quilts. It seems as though it’s been easy for me to finish a quilt top, hide it away in a closet, and start another. I went looking for unfinished quilt tops the other day, and let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Well, actually, it is pretty, but the situation… well, that’s kind of dire. I’m hoping that discussing it here will help me make a dent in finishing up some of these quilts. Any encouragement is welcome!

So how about a quick preview of what we’re dealing with here (in no particular order) –

Improv solids

Perfectly Perched in plum

[Update: Finished quilt here!]

Flea Market Fancy Swoon


[Update: Finished quilt here!]


Ruby Strings

[Updated: finished quilt here!]

Graduated Rainbow

Liberty patchwork

Simply Solids

Anthro sheets (quilt top has been finished, but not yet shown here!)

[Updated: finished quilt here!]

bella, bella, bella!

[Update: A finished quilt here]


Swirling Swans

[Updated: finished quilt here!]

quilting bee quilt (finally turned into a quilt top!)

low volume #2 (also now a finished quilt top, but not yet shown here)


Any votes on what to start with first? This girl needs help, and a little motivation!

(I suppose it goes without saying that if I’m not in this space in the near future, you can assume I’m busy working on quilt tops er, backs!)

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