dreaming of greece

I got this one finished up the other day, and I’m quite pleased with it. Naming quilts can be hard, so I was excited to come up with the perfect name for it after making the quilt top –  Summers(ville) in the Greek Isles – and I’m still a fan. Morgan still thinks I’m a fabric dork

Anyway, I love these Summersville prints by Lucie Summers, and I particularly love it in this lovely blue color. I paired them with a few other blue solids and prints, and just a little pop of orangy-yellow. This quilt was totally inspired by this one by Gail Baar, and I love how it all came together.

So the quilting…. once again I was inspired by the fabulous Angela Walters. I received an advance electronic copy of her (soon to be released!) book, and if I’m being honest, I’ll tell you that I tend to just keep it open on my computer. Slightly obsessed, maybe? I love looking at her designs, and I love that it gets me thinking about other types of quilting. I went with a square quilting design for this one.  I knew that I’d have trouble going with free motion quilting and not making rounded shapes (such a habit!) so I decided to use my walking foot instead. It required a lot of shoving the quilt through the machine though, so if it had been any larger it probably wouldn’t have worked so well.

I think the square quilting really complements this quilt design, and gives it really nice texture.

I used Lucie’s Alphabetty print for the backing (I’m a big fan! And in fact, Max has a pair of pants using this print in black, and I just bought the cutest ipad case from Amber in the blue Alphabetty print. A fan, for sure!).

The binding is mainly a turquoise solid, with a pieced yellow section. I lost some of the yellow on this side of the quilt when I squared it up, so I thought I’d add a bit in the binding instead.

And every time I see it, I think of Greece (and making this quilt was cheaper than flying to Greece, so win, win!)

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