little liberty

While cutting squares for my upcoming Liberty patchwork quilt, I thought it would be fun to make up a baby quilt using a few of these gorgeous prints. (Instant gratification and all…)

I wanted this quilt to be pretty and girly, so I pulled out a few floral Liberty prints featuring pinks and purples. These were paired with a girly pink solid and a few neutrals.

The solids are all colors from Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture line, and I think they’re really, really nice. Not only are there tons of great colors, the fabric is so soft and smooth – just perfect for this quilt! I made up a patchwork piece using 3 1/2″ squares, then pulled a page from Heather‘s book and surrounded part of the patchwork piece with a nice stone colored solid. It worked to make this quilt a bit bigger, and also provides a little twist on a traditional patchwork square quilt.

I quilted it with straight lines on either side of the seams in the patchwork portion, and extended those lines out through the solid section. It’s backed with that light pink solid and bound in a slightly lighter stone color.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, and it was really fun to sew with some of my little Liberty pieces!

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    Linda says:

    It looks so soft, I just want to rub it against my face and go, “ahhh”…lol. Lucky baby girl that gets this one!

  3. 3
    elsa says:

    So pretty!
    I’ve got some liberty that I just can’t bring myself to cut. Know it will happen sooner or later, but for now ~ it’s decoration!

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    Marisa says:

    That is truly beautiful! I am not generally a fan of pastel pink (or pink in general, really) but that really works.

    I was wondering if you could give me a little guidance… I am working on quilting my first patchwork quilt and I was hoping to do the quilting similar to the style you have here, where you quilted straight lines 1/4″ off each ditch, and I was wondering what method you used? Do you do all the vertical lines first and then the horizontal? Or some other way? I basted really well (or so I thought!) and then started with some vertical lines in the center of the quilt, and then tried a horizontal line just to stabilize and make sure everything was working out as planned before I went whole hog on the vertical lines, and found that I was getting some puckering where the seams met up. Any advice/guidance for a newbie? Oh, and I am using a walking foot, so I don’t think uneven feed is the problem. I thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer 🙂

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    Deb konopka says:

    I love how you only put a wide outer border on two sides. I want to try that idea.

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    Ramona says:

    The Liberty is precious on this baby quilt. Looks perfectly snuggly!

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    Tara says:

    Love this beauty! Especially the wide border on two sides…

  9. 9
    jo says:

    It does looks incredibly classy. Can’t imagine it covered in baby drool!

  10. 10
    kate says:

    So pretty! I finally got around to posting some more Liberty to you…so sorry I took so long Ashley x

  11. 11
    Sewfrench says:

    Be still my heart!! I am so in love with Liberty fabrics. I can NOT wait for their quilting line to be readily available!

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    Suzy says:

    I just got some Michael Miller Couture too and it is amazingly soft! I find it very similar to the Pure Elements Solids from Art Gallery. Soo nice!

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    This is so cute!!! Makes me want to go quilt something fun and quick. Love the results!!!

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    Kim says:

    Wow, it’s so pretty. That stone colour is the favourite part. I should make something like this for my girl.

  16. 16
    Janna says:

    O wow! WOW!! I love all of your quilts!! But this one…this one just gets me right here;) It’s so simple and beautiful!! I LOVE IT!!

  17. 17
    Camilla says:

    I love the way you’ve offset this in the border! And tho’ it’s pretty and feminine it’s saved from nasty overly pink girliness by that beautiful soft grey and measured amount of pearly pink you’ve used.

  18. 18
    Rebecca says:

    So, so pretty with the greige colored fabric and the pinks!

  19. 19
    Suzanne says:

    I really like the offset patchwork you were inspired to create.

  20. 20
    Shayla Sharp says:

    Very pretty and feminine! I like the bits of prints in with all the solids.

  21. 21

    I love how you did the border on this and the fabrics are really pretty!

  22. 22
    Cradke says:

    This quilt is very pretty. It makes we want to check out liberty prints…

  23. 23
    Sharmond says:

    Love the colors! So luscious!

  24. 24
    Carol says:

    The beauty is in the simplicity. The gray and pink are magic together with your two solid borders. Thank you for sharing this delight.

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