red + green = brrr!

I had some of Laurie Wisbrun‘s Brrr! fabrics left over after making my Converging Corners quilt, so I decided to use the prints from the red & green colorway to make up a Christmassy quilt. It’s a bit strange to be making a wintery quilt just as we’re moving into Spring, but I can’t help thinking how excited I’ll be to be able to pull out this quilt next winter (I often think about making a Christmassy quilt, but usually wait too long, as in the case of my Ruby Strings quilt!).

This quilt is a repeat of my Timber quilt, which I made long ago during a quiltalong hosted by Randi. I switched up the design a little bit when I made that original quilt, increasing the size of the blocks, adding in the skinny white strips and adjusting the positioning of the blocks a bit. I wasn’t sure of the measurements I used for the Timber quilt, so I guessed at these, and I think they’ve ended up a bit larger than the original, but no matter. I love how this quilt shows off large blocks of your prints, is quick to make, yet still has visual interest.

I am a notorious procrastinator, but perhaps I’m changing my ways! (now let’s just see if I can get this one quilted before Christmas arrives!)

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