and a little more patchwork…

So, how about a fun patchwork quilt for this Thursday?

(As an aside, is it weird that I sometimes feel like I have to apologize when I show yet another quilt made up of patchwork squares?)

Regardless, patchwork quilts still remain a favorite – and these days (with a very busy, nearly-walking, nearly 1 year old) sometimes I just need a nice easy project that I don’t have to think too much about!

This one is made up of my favorite prints from Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo line, along with a variety of Kona and Essex solids.

Wouldn’t you know that I decided to go out to take photos of this quilt on one of the coldest days of this winter? Morgan and Max were not thrilled about the outing, and spent most of it like this, watching me from the warmth of the car as I wrestled around with this quilt.

The backing is pieced with some more Echo and I quilted it with vertical lines on each side of the vertical seams. Then for a little extra fun I decided to attempt to quilt a bit of Lotta’s design into the quilt, trying to quilt that bumpy design along the vertical seams. Once again, it’s subtle, but maybe you can see a bit of it in the photo above? It would have worked better if the backing had been a solid…

I’m quite taken with it, and love being able to see all these gorgeous Lotta Jansdotter prints all in one place!

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