a nautical quilt

Are you tired of all these triangles yet? I hope not! This is obviously the scrappy version, and boy do I love it! All my favorite scraps together in one quilt.

It’s pretty fun to look at this quilt and pick out all my favorite fabrics from past projects.

This one feels very summery to me, what with all those bright cheerful prints paired with the bright white, so I was very happy to finish it up just in time for one last summer weekend.

A perfect quilt for the waterfront, wouldn’t you say?

One of my favorite parts is the straight line quilting. It’s a good thing this quilt is relatively small, since wow, those lines take a long time! For whatever reason, I always have second thoughts when I start straight line quilting like this, but in the end I always love it. This time around I used Quilters Dream Request batting, and I think it’s fabulous. It’s a really thin loft and I love the feel of it, especially with this dense quilting. Maybe not the best choice for cold Vermont winters, but very nice for a summer quilt!

The backing is a solid piece of one of my favorite Flea Market Fancy prints. Time to stop hoarding it and instead put it to use where I’ll be able to enjoy it!

Here’s hoping we have at least one more warm weekend to enjoy this one!

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