6 months!

It’s hard to believe that Max is 6 months old already! He continues to be a wonderful baby and we continue to have so much fun with him. He’s loving sitting up, eating solids, playing peekaboo, and hanging out with dad. And now he’s got his eye on anything that’s not meant to be a toy, especially our cell phones and TV remotes (why is it that those things are always the most intriguing to babies?) As of just a couple days ago, he’s on the move, prompted perhaps by these out of reach ‘toys’. He does a funny little crawl, using just his arms and toes and can get where he wants surprisingly fast! I looked away for a second yesterday, and when I looked back, he had made his way over to a new little pile of Liberty scraps and was having a blast tossing them around (he still loves his fabrics!)

[6 month stats: height 28.5″, weight 18.2 lbs]

And here’s a little mosaic showing his first 6 months!

1. 1month, 2. 2months, 3. 3months, 4. 4months, 5. 5months, 6. 6months

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