the next quilt?

Yes, I do have quilts to finish, but I couldn’t let that stop me from pulling fabrics for the next one! I’ve been wanting to make a quilt out of these kinds of colors for a long time (inspired of course by Malka’s lovely Strips & Bricks quilt). I’m hoping mine will have that same sort of feel, though I’ll still be happy even if it’s only half as nice! Those piles themselves make me happy, so we’re off to a good start!

_ _ _

Thanks for all the love for my triangle quilt! Many of you asked for a tutorial, so I’ll do my best to put one together. We’re all a bit sleep-deprived over here though, so it may take me a bit…

And speaking of the one who’s keeping us up at night –

He’s started a few solids, and seems to love them. He’s big on bananas and applesauce… peas and carrots, not so much!

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