I’ve had this design on my mind since this season of Project Runway started. I can’t find an image of it now for you, but there’s a wall behind the couches they sit on while waiting to see who’s in/out that has a fun pattern. After that initial show, I quickly drew up this little sketch to remind myself of that wall –

(Clearly drawing is not my strong suit – it’s a good thing the drawing is only meant to serve as a reminder for me!)

I originally sewed together lots of my scrap strips for this very project, but then got distracted by my scrappy zig zag quilt. Luckily there were lots of extra scrap strips left over, so I started putting together these scrappy triangles.

The photo above shows the layout I like the best (though there are lots of fun layout options). I still have to figure out how large to make this… in order to go bigger, I’ll have to pull out the scraps again. It’s fun to be able to use up your scraps, don’t you think?

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