5 months! (+a winner)

First, how about the winner of the Sewing for Boys book?

#61, Vanessa! Hope you will have fun with this book, Vanessa!

_ _ _

And guess who’s 5 months old today…

Every time he sees us with the camera he quickly sticks that thumb right in his mouth! Our latest game is to distract him so he won’t notice the camera in hopes of capturing some of his other expressions.

Occasionally it works!

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16 Responses to 5 months! (+a winner)

  1. 1
    Alli says:

    That’s such a cute habit! And I love how you have his hair combed over for picture-taking time. 😀

  2. 3

    You combed his hair to the side. He is darling! Thanks for sharing him with us!

  3. 4
    Dana says:

    That second picture made me laugh, he is wonderful. Thanks.

  4. 5
    niki says:

    I love his new big boy hairdo…combed to the side, it makes him look so grown up.

  5. 6
    carla says:

    Very sweet. You are blessed.

  6. 7
    Suzanne says:

    What an adorable boy!

  7. 8
    Kay Hoeppner says:

    He is so cute, I could just squeeze him:)

  8. 9
    leilani says:

    Doesn’t seem possible but this little guy just gets more darling every day. You are truly blessed.

  9. 10

    Thanks for the pictures of Max. So enjoying seeing him grow. Oh, and I like his hair all over the place. Such a great look =)

  10. 11
  11. 12
    MeganAnne says:

    just for fun…

    I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog. Check it out if you like…


  12. 13
    Alia says:

    Max is a heartbreaker! Thanks for sharing his development with us. Very exciting! I love the quilt he is laying on too! Congrats to the winner!

  13. 14
  14. 15
    nikki says:

    Max, “Poster boy” for quilting in America! Think about which one’s he’ll want in his high school yearbook. He looks amazing with his grown up hair style, but that laughing boy touches my heart.

  15. 16

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