an Aunty Cookie quilt

I have been a long time admirer of Shannon Lamden, whose company goes by the wonderful name of Aunty Cookie. She’s based in Australia, and creates these wonderful screen printed fabrics. Back in the day (when I had time to spend hours browsing for fabrics on Etsy!) I spent a fair amount of time drooling over these designs. Needless to say, I was super excited when she asked if I wanted to play with a little stack of her fabrics.

She sent along these lovely pieces on the left – gorgeous grays, a little turquoise and a pop of sour lemon. I quickly (ok, not so quickly actually… I think she sent these at the beginning of the summer…) put them together with a few additional fabrics from my stash (though you’ll note that I actually ended up using very few extra fabrics in the final quilt, but it’s good to have choices, right?). As with my Lotta Charm quilt, I wanted to make a decent sized quilt with just a small amount of fabric, and I still wanted the quilt to focus on the Aunty Cookie prints.

I’m hoping I achieved that with this one. I decided to go with a sort of off centered square in square design, starting with the papercut design as the center block. I worked out from there, alternating Kona white with the other printed fabrics. When I didn’t have enough of a printed fabric, I added in some white, creating a fun dashed line look.

I’m really loving how it turned out! I can’t wait to get it quilted – I think it may make for a nice piece of art for one of our walls!

Shannon has several of these bundles available in her Etsy store in case you’re interested. And while you’re there, be sure to check out her artwork as well, all adorned with lovely pieces of Liberty. I’m thinking one of these must surely be necessary above my sewing table, right?

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    Faith says:

    I love all the Aunty Cookie fabrics! I even have one of her tote bags (Who You Calling a Fat Quarter?) and it is always getting a chuckle. She is very talented. Love the quilt!

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    bdaiss says:

    Oh my goodness I love this! Great job as usual! You’re filling up my Pinterest board. : )

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    Katy says:

    Love the design of this quilt, and the fabrics are fab, I especially like the little girls

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    I love the Aunty Cookie fabrics, and I really like how you’ve kept the focus on Shannon’s fabrics without making a busy quilt.

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    Mareenchen says:

    Gorgeous, both the quilt and the fabrics. Love it!

  8. 9
    Lindsay says:

    My favorite color combo lately–beautiful!

  9. 10
    jennyy says:

    Creative – nice job!

  10. 11
    beth lehman says:

    I love Aunty Cookie and the grey/yellow thing!!

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    Suzanne says:

    I really like the off-center square and design you created.

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    Sau says:

    I love your quilt, great job!

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    Marty says:

    I like this quilt very much.

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    Kathy says:

    You just do the coolest stuff with fabric! I am so glad I am a follower. LOVE those little people in your quilt too.

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    Andrea says:

    Pardon my French, but this bad as**d! I love it, I love i, I love it! You did a great job, and I love the off-set square. This truly is, “less is more”.

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    LeAnn says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! And I love your quilt.

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    Aletta says:

    You did such a wonderful job of showing those lovely fabrics!

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    Annie says:

    I love how this quilt top looks and how you actually changed the look of the fabrics by just using stips of the prints. The color tone is just so inviting for comfort…once it’s all quilted.

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    brenda says:

    i love the new quilt — you are always so inspirational!! thank you for sharing your beautiful works!

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    Chris says:

    love the colors and the prints!

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    teresa says:

    love the quilt! how do you keep turning out all these quilts with a new bambino? you are really focused. keep up the inspiration for us slackers.

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    Wowzers, Ashley. That makes a big impression. I’m not usually one to go for lots of white, but I really like how you layered the prints between the white on this one. It’s a simple, yet somewhat unusual layout. Nice!

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    Kate says:

    LOVE what you have done with Cookie’s fabrics x

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