red, purple & gray

I’ve been having such fun making this quilt! The color palette was inspired by a page in a Crate & Barrel magazine from last winter. I pulled out the page, but then promptly lost it (or perhaps saved it in some very special – unknown! – spot).

Anyway, I pulled out lots of fabrics – both solids and prints – in reds, purples and grays for this quilt. I have always liked the look of the Munki Martians quilt I made a while ago and decided to make something similar in this color palette.

I like the idea of using a solid and a print in the same color. I limited the improv blocks to just reds and purples – solids and matching prints, then added a dark gray border to each. It’s all sashed in a medium gray, which is a mix of a Kona solid and two prints in the same medium gray color. I’m excited about how it’s looking!

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