a mobile out of fabric scraps

Just a cheap and cheerful little project. And a way to use up a few more fabric scraps! (love that!)

Max absolutely loves his fish mobile which hangs over his crib. He can spend quite a long time chatting it up with them as they spin around. I’ve wanted to get him a second mobile for him to look at while he’s downstairs, but kept thinking that I should make one.

Well, yesterday was that day – I grabbed a few fabric scraps and cut out some heart shapes. I sewed them together, sewing in a thin ribbon at the top of the heart. Then I just tied each heart to the inside of a wooden embroidery hoop and tacked it to the ceiling.

If I had spent more time on it, I might have made it look a bit more professional and a little less, um, thrown together, but I’m actually pretty happy with it overall. I like that it took literally no time, it used up some scraps and other craft supplies I already had on hand, and best of all, Max totally loves it.

Yay for quick projects! (Especially when they provide so much entertainment!)

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