kites in the clouds

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Does anyone remember the start of this quilt? I started it way back when, right after finishing my Flying Farfalle quilt. I even wrote a tutorial for it, then promptly put it away and started something else (what can I say, I’m not always good at completing projects!). Anyway, I would have finished it earlier, but to be perfectly honest, when I wanted to finish it, I couldn’t find those blocks! [That’s not totally true though – I did find 9 blocks, but couldn’t find the remainder (why those 9 weren’t with the others is still strange to me!). I looked in all the likely spots, and then finally found them tucked in among a stack of fabrics. Looks like someone needs to be a bit more organized!]

Blah, blah, blah… so anyway, I made several additional blocks to make up a throw sized quilt. Originally, the idea was to lay out the blocks as shown in the original post. Then Morgan got to the design wall and next thing I knew, he had changed it up and decided I should go with this layout instead. And so now I guess the name has to change…Dinner Date is now Kites in the Clouds.

(I suppose the backside looks more like kites, but I’m going with it anyway!)

I think it’s fun, and I love that it’s made up of all solids – mainly Kona solids. I think this is the first quilt I’ve made out of solely solids. It really was a great way to use up all those small pieces of solids I had floating around. Oh, and I even made a backing for it! Yay!

Speaking of solids, check back tomorrow for a solids giveaway from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works

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