these quilts need backings!

So after telling you that I needed to get working on quilt backings, I decided to pull out all the quilt tops waiting for those backings. I figure that if I get them out of the closet and downstairs closer to the sewing machine, that perhaps they’d have a better chance of getting finished (we’ll see how that works out!).

I’ve been storing them in a closet, hung on hangers (after seeing someone else doing this… Jacquie, maybe?). It keeps them somewhat unwrinkled and organized. Three of these quilts are queen sized, which is why they’re still unfinished. Even though I’ve made a couple queen sized quilts in the past, I’m still intimidated by the thought of finishing a quilt of this size. I really want to start using these though, so I should really get on it!

So how many backings do you think I’ll complete this weekend? My guess is zero, though perhaps I should be more optimistic and say one…

And for those of you asking for Max photos, here he is at 9 weeks –

At his 2 month checkup this week we found out that he’s now weighing in at 13 lbs 8 oz and is off the charts at 25 1/4″ tall…

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